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“Quaker City Chemicals has excellent and knowledgeable sales representatives. They have a great customer service department that is always polite and helpful. Along with their competitive pricing, they always deliver on time”--

 Coatings Company , Philadelphia, PA

 “We have been working with Quaker City Chemicals well over 20+ years. Customer Service and Sales provides you with the information required in a timely manner! They offer price competitive products and orders are delivered when you need them.” --

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Pottsville, PA lab chemicals lab supplies hvac heat transfer fluids, glycols, HVAC

Quaker City Chemicals
7360 Milnor St.
Philadelphia, PA 19136
(888) 243-6425
Bio Clinical Laboratories
Alpha Industrial Park -15 Ave, A
Phillipsburg, NJ 18665
(908) 454-1177
Bowmell Central Penn Chemicals
1334 Howard St.
harrisburg, PA 17104-9998
(717) 238-6279
QC Lubricants
7360 Milnor St.
Philadelphia, PA 19136
(215) 333-4187
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Founded in 1971, we are part of the Family of Companies which includes, Quaker City Chemicals, QC Lubricants, Bio Clinical Laboratories, and Bowmell Central Penn Chemicals.

We are a leading supplier of technical grade chemicals, high purity lab chemicals, and lab supplies, reagents, and organic and inorganic chemicals.

With Quaker City Chemicals as its sister company, was an early adapter in the chemical industry’s migration to the internet. Quaker City Chemicals had been a leading supplier for thirty years when this internet migration took place. 

Just as Philadelphia is known in reference as "Quaker City," Quaker City Chemicals is recognized as a reputable business in Philadelphia, (Quaker City) since our very beginning.

Our supply model to you, our customer is to create a
“One Stop Shop” for chemicals and related supplies. 

Nobody Moves Chemicals Like We Do.
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